How to Attract Money

Whenever you see a wealthy person, there are certain questions that crop up in your mind. most often you are baffled with questions like, how everything that person touches turns to gold. How could he make money in such a short period of time? Why money evades you but fills the pocket of such wealthy persons? So on and so forth. It is also quite common for you to think that they have mastered the art of making money effortlessly, which we do not know. All these questions and reasoning arises as a result of your frustration in achieving the financial independence you are longing for, to escape the pay check to pay check existence that you are getting tired of. How to attract money need not be elusive if you try and practice the following steps
Steps in attracting wealth
It would seem weird if you were told that being wealthy begins from within you. It may also seem hard to believe. But you will surely concur with the idea once you have understood the steps that can make you wealthy and tell you How to attract money to make you wealthy.
Believing that you deserve happiness
Attracting wealth is no big deal if you truly consider yourself a person worthy of being happy. IT is the sea-view that you ought to maintain or develop strongly if you want to learn How to make money as all other steps you follow would be in vain if you do not have a strong self- view and it must be a morning ritual you have to let go the shame and guilt of the past.
Focussing on what you have at present
Instead of focussing your thoughts and energy thinking about what you do not have, you should try concentrating on being happy about what you have at present and develop the sense of gratitude. Focus on the now and get rid of the negativity which will repel the positive forces which includes money, happiness and much more.
Learn to tide over learned helplessness
 Learned helplessness is the process of engaging in thoughts like I can’t. when your karmic space is occupied with such negative thought sand words, you can never invite wealth and happiness into your life. How to attract money depends on your ability to tide over the learned helpless and fill the karmic space with positive words like I can attract money and happiness and I am worthy of it.
Avoid jealousy
 Being jealous of the possessions of other person is good enough to kill the happiness that you have at present but also ensure that you do not invite happiness into your life at any point in time. Jealousy is a vicious trap that will never make you feel satisfied and happy with what you have. This negativity when persistent will not only rid you of the possessions you have but would also rob you of the peace with you.
Make conscious choices
How to attract money depends on doing away with wishful thinking and getting into the action after making conscious choices and also to learn about all the ways in which you can accumulate wealth. For, if you analyze how the wealthy people accumulated the wealth, you will notice that they have been conscious budgeters who have practiced the beliefs and habits of knowledgeable persons to create wealth over a course of time.

One more unexpected concept that you may view as being contrary to accumulating wealth is to give money to those who are less fortunate. This based on the spiritual and karmic power of money that if you try to hoard money, it will leave you.

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