Top 10 Foods to Minimize Heart Attack Risk

Most of the people do not know that they have a chance of heart attack. If you are one of them, then calculate cardiovascular risk now. Many foods are helpful to minimize the risk of heart attack. The foods that are helpful in reducing heart attack risk usually contains omega 3 fatty acids. Many fruits like strawberries, blueberries and avocadoes are the best food for the cure heart diseases. Eating nuts like almonds are also very helpful to prevent body from heart diseases. Some of the foods that are suitable to cure heart diseases are discussed below:

1 Blueberries

Blueberries and strawberries consist of anthocyanins and flavonoids that are helpful to decrease blood pressure and also dilate blood vessel. It is being researched that the usage of blueberries and strawbery in our died will reduce the risk of heart attack up to 32%.

2 Citrus Fruits

Large amount of flavonoids found in citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits. Citrus fruits also high in vitamin C, which are very helpful in reducing the risk of heart diseases.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes consist of starch elements as long as they are not deep-fried they are excellent diet to cure heart diseases. They are also rich in potassium, which is helpful to reduce blood pressure in body. The fiber in potatoes can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Potatoes have a lot of health benefit if we will consume it on daily basis.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are also high in heart healthy potassium like potatoes. Tomatoes are the good source of antioxidant lycopene. Lycopene are helpful in reducing cholesterol and heart diseases. It can also keep blood vessels of human body open.

5. Nuts

Nuts like almonds, pistachios, peanuts and walnuts are good for heart health. These nuts contains vitamin E, which helps to lower cholesterol. Walnuts contains omega 3 acids, which are very helpful to reduce heart diseases. Some people will avoid using nuts in daily basis because they considered that they are high in fat, which is not true at all.

6. Olive Oil

The consumption of extra virgin olive oil is also very good diet to reduce the risk of heart diseases. The consumption of four tablespoons olive oil in a day will help a lot to reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes by 30 percent. Olive oil is a significance source of monounsaturated fats, which can help a lot, reduce both cholesterol and blood sugar level. Olive itself either they were green or black are the best source of good fat.

7. Broccoli And Spinach

Green vegetables like broccoli and spinach are very good for health. These vegetables can give extra boost to your heart. These are composed of carotenoids substances that act as antioxidants and prevent the human body from harmful compounds. These vegetables are also high in fiber and contain significance amount of vitamins and minerals. Green vegetables are the super health promoting food.

8. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds and chia seeds are high in omega 3 fatty acids. These seeds are good died for heart .They are also high in fiber contents, which are helpful to reduce cholesterol level of body.

9. Pomegranate

Pomegranate contains several types of antioxidants and anthocyanins, which are very helpful to stave off hardening of the arteries. Research of health scientist found that daily daily consumption of pomegranate juice improves blood flow of body. Apples can also be used as an alternative source of pomegranate, which consist of several health promoting compounds.

10. Seafood Rich in Omega-3

Seafood like salmon and other fishes such as sardines and mackerel are the best heart health foods. These seafood consist of significance amount of omega 3 fatty acids that are very helpful to reduce the risk of irregular heartbeat and atherosclerosis. American Health Association recommended that people who is suffering from heart diseases would eat these fatty fish at least twice in a week. The consumption of these seafood in daily diet will help a lot to fight against heart diseases.

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