Should electronic gadgets be offered to children?

Smartphone, internet, console, tablet, and phablets: these electronic gadgets are a great way to simplify your life. But the addiction of children to new technologies is not without risk: degrades relationships, kills the sense of creativity. Hence the questions of parents: should we leave our children exposed to digital life? What are the measures to take? If you are addict to little gadgets I recommend you to use Bluetooth transmitter for headphones I am sure will enjoy this gadget.

Benefits that arise from the use of gadgets by children

1). To offer a moment of peace and tranquility for parents

Especially for young parents! They can use, during a trip in the subway or in the car, a robot dog, the application Alphabet to distract their children and keep them calm.

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2). Helping their brains to develop and improve their learning abilities

There is a panoply of educational application that a child can use to boost his memory and intellectual performance: Farm Puzzle, Pango Book 1, and Animal Screaming, Find the Intruder.

Later, children's homework will involve the use of a computer (or any device connected to an internet network) to do their research, so why not familiarize them at an early age with this technology?

3). Music, Books, and Digital Interactions

It was found that children remember things better with visual and auditory stimulation in the form of videos: Little World, Read Writing ... In addition, music helps little ones to create a form of communication, the awareness of their body and their breathing. The engagement of a child in an interactive book allows him to acquire a lot of knowledge including reading, pronunciation ... The values of friendship, and strengthen its memorization.

The disadvantages that come from gadgets for children

1). Too much technology leads to distraction

It is imperative that parents monitor the use of their children's technological objects. Prolonged exposure can lead the child to a state of disorientation and emotional numbness. The parent should not let his child become dependent on technology!

2). Cyberbullying and predators

Children are an easy target for sexual predators and online bullying. According to the organization, nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online this year. Adults must first create a profile with parental control for their kids and then monitor their activities on the internet, sensitize them to protect themselves from possible sexual predators and encourage them to adopt some safe techniques.

3). Substitution of people through games leads to social isolation
It is true that technology is beneficial in terms of learning and moral development, but it should not be trivialized that it is a passage to social isolation. A child who spends a lot of time with video games, for example, spends much less time with his friends! Parents should consider the behavior of their child and limit the time of it on social networks, the console.

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What can you do?

Larry Rosen, a psychology researcher suggested to parents to share moments, with their little ones, in front of the screen: play with them at the console, talk to them about how they should use these devices and the time it takes to devote to the family. We cannot ignore that the internet and new technologies have colonized our lives, so we must not neglect their effects on our children.

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