Does Avocado Oil Have Any Benefits For Your Hair And Skin?

Avocado oil comes with plenty of amazing ingredients that have magical effects for human skin and hair. That’s probably the reason why it is promoted so much for being a must-use ingredient that serves plenty of beauty purposes. The oil features fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin B and vitamin E, anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants, and minerals which can actually transform your skin and hair. So, let’s find out how it helps your hair and your skin.

Avocado Oil Benefits For Hair

There are quite a few benefits of using Avocado oil for hair and some of them are outlined here.

1). Better Hair Growth

With all its goodness inside, Avocado oil promotes blood flow through the hair follicles and hence causes hair to grow naturally. If you can endeavor to use it with olive oil or amla oil, it will help your hair grow longer.

2). Softened Hair Texture

With all the monounsaturated fatty acids inside, the texture of your hair can be softened effectively with avocado oil. Anyone with brittle and rough hair can find it an ideal choice. Applying it every week after mixing it with some coconut oil would significantly soften the hair texture and make it look and feel better.

3). Revival Of Damaged Hair

A rich source of vitamin B and vitamin E, this magical natural oil can really revive your damaged hair and give them a new life. Whether the damage is resulted from pollution, heat tools or sun rays, applying avocado oil to your hair regularly would definitely restore their natural sheen and bounce.

4). Strengthens Hair From Roots

If your hair is weak, it would be more prone to breakage. For restoring strength of the roots, avocado oil can be used regularly. Stuffed with some of the most powerful antioxidants, Avocado oil strengthens hair from its roots to prevent any kind of breakage whatsoever. Even for having some of the best Kids Haircuts, you need to make sure you have stronger locks. This is, especially, true if you have to grow your hair longer to achieve the desired hairstyle.

5). Make It All Shiny

If you have lackluster hair, avocado oil can be a source of making it all shiny. Providing hydration and moisture to the scalp, it helps the tresses to look glossy and healthy.

Avocado Oil Benefits For Skin

Just like the hair, Avocado oil has its benefits for skin as well. Some of the key benefits are listed here.
1). Imparts Softness
With all its vitamin E content, Avocado oil can really do wonders to change your skin’s state. The best thing it can do would be to make it supple and soft. Only adding some oil drops to the cream you use regularly and treating the skin with concoction would give you baby-soft skin.

2). Adds Moisture

When your skin lacks moisture, it looks lifeless and dehydrated. But if it has enough moisture inside, it looks fresh and hydrated. Using avocado oil on your skin will provide it with all the moisture it needs to look fresh.

3). Gets Rid Of Any Grime And Dirt Hidden Inside

The antioxidants that we have in the avocado oil allow for eliminating any impurities and dirt from the skin. It gets absorbed easily and removes those skin-damaging impurities. Adding the oil to a scrub that you use regularly would make it look clear.

4). Treats Blackheads And Acne

The anti-inflammatory agents present in avocado oil help it treat blackheads and acne. Applying it regularly on the skin won’t just fight bacteria that cause infection but will also help in the prevention of unsightly breakouts.

5). Helps Soothe Skin Irritation

It’s an effective treatment for soothing skin irritation. It won’t just help you relieve irritation, but will also fight inflammation as well. If you’re suffering from any kind of skin conditions such as eczema, using avocado oil will also help relieve any suffering it causes.

So, overall, Avocado oil serves both skin and hair and offers plenty of benefits. It’s just about incorporating it in your beauty routine and you can reap all the benefits it has to offer. 

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