Germany has a lot to offer: from beer to bratwurst, to a special relationship with David Hasselhoff. As a young person, is there a better place to study? With almost 400 universities, Germany has a wide range of programs for the diverse student body. To stay with the clichés: put on your leather pants, fill your jug ​​and get ready, because we have put together a list of the best cities for students in Germany.

1). Dresden

If you appreciate the quaint, then Dresden is the right place for you. There is a good reason why this city is internationally known as jewelery box of Germany. The breath-taking architecture and manicured open spaces give you plenty of room to study during your studies - 40,000 students cannot be wrong.

Entertainment & Nightlife 

Dresden is divided into two parts and brings history and modernity together. The old town is a beautiful area where you can find museums, libraries and other unique places. The Neustadt is the area where most of the students are to be found. There are plenty of bars and clubs where students can chat over one drink or another - prices are student friendly.


When it comes to food, everyone in Dresden will find it. The gastronomic selection spread over the two districts is endless, offering a mix of local and international cuisine for every budget. There are both reasonably priced cafés in the New Town or upmarket restaurants in the Old Town. We recommend the "Fettboy" burgers, from 4, 30 €.

2). Frankfurt

Where could one study better than in the city, which is said to have the seventh best quality of life in the world? Frankfurt is incredibly connected to the rest of Germany, which means that you have many opportunities to explore other German cities from this hub. Although Frankfurt is not the cheapest city in Germany, the metropolis compensates with a rich cultural heritage and first-class educational institutions. This makes Frankfurt one of the best student cities in the country. You can book your cheap flights to Frankfurt now.
Entertainment & Nightlife 
The center of Frankfurt is an important location for companies and thus Germany's answer to Singapore or Tokyo - a busy trading hub. Apart from that, there are a large number of students who live in the various student districts of Mainhattan. The district Bockenheim is one of the locations of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University and has a large student community. Here you will find many cheap bars where you can meet friends. For affordable beer and a cosy atmosphere, we recommend "Zum Tannenbaum", just a three-minute walk from alvarium.
If you think of German sausages, you probably think of the all-time favorite, the Frankfurter. People flock from far and wide just to taste an authentic version of this delicious beef and pork snack. You can get a Frankfurter for just a few euros, practically anywhere in the city, but we recommend a stop in the cider farm "Ebbelwoi Unser". Here you can enjoy a great atmosphere and high quality food.

3). Hamburg

Hamburg is the German city for shopping, entertainment and relaxation. Culture is very important here and the hanseatic city is thus the ideal place for students to live. But beware: Do not be too distracted by the many concert halls, art galleries, theatres, clubs and bars - you should still learn; there are few places that are better suited for a good education than this great European science and education center Name Hamburg.
Entertainment & Nightlife
With over 100 music clubs, 60 museums and 30 cinemas, Hamburg is almost a student's paradise. Thanks to the city's impressively punctual public transport, you'll never be late for a concert (or lecture). At the end of September one of the biggest club festivals in Europe takes place. The Reeperbahn Festival offers you the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas with your fellow students about music, art and film.
Where better to try a hamburger than a place that gives it its name? In Hamburg, there is plenty to eat, no matter how high your budget is and in which food direction it should go - from the normal burger to the chic food will be something for everyone. For traditional Hamburg dishes and home cooking we recommend "Frau Möller".

This restaurant offers a cosy atmosphere at fair prices. You will certainly like it there.

4). Munster

For those of us who prefer a quieter place: Munster offers the tranquillity of a small town, but the nightlife of a big city. This means you are in the right place to learn and still have a good time. Located in a quiet corner of Germany, it is a great place to relocate your studies outside. You can spend the day on the Aasee and do your job there in a quiet atmosphere. The city also enjoys the reputation of being very hospitable.
Entertainment & Nightlife  
In Münster you will find numerous museums or galleries that invite you to visit. Enjoy the rich culture of the city or take a boat trip on the Aasee. There are many ways to do something; both during the day and in the evening. Relax in a beer garden or spend the evening in a cocktail bar. The "Pension Schmidt" is particularly popular with students and offers student events in a cosy atmosphere in the style of the 70s.
Experience a diverse cuisine with student-friendly prices. You can try everything from local sausages to Vietnamese spring rolls without spending too much. The local delicacies differ a bit from the typical German cuisine. For example, you have to try Pumpernickel for sure. We recommend you to eat in the academic beer house "Cavete. There you will get vegetarian meals for a reasonable price.

5). Darmstadt

Darmstadt is also a very hospitable city. The Darmstädter, who like to call themselves "Heiner", are known for their open nature. Enjoy the many green spaces, museums, libraries and other relaxed places that invite you to study.
Entertainment & Nightlife
You may think that such a small city cannot offer nightlife to a student. But an advantage of the city is that you can really experience the diverse entertainment possibilities and find out what really suits you. You'll probably come across people you know, but you also have many opportunities to make new friends. The nightlife ranges from Irish bars to pubs and even one or two clubs - in fact, Darmstadt is known for having promoted the careers of some of the world's best-known techno DJs. In addition, there are two nationally known festivals in Darmstadt every year: the Heinerfest and the Schlossgrabenfest - both extremely popular events that are visited in large numbers.
Darmstadt offers something for every taste. From burgers to vegetarian dishes, to traditional German cuisine (direct from Hesse). We recommend the "Café Habibi", with international vegetarian and vegetarian cuisine.
Here you get generous portions at a reasonable price.

6). Berlin

Berlin is one of the most diverse cities in the world, with 12 districts that form an incredibly multicultural environment. If you live here, you will not miss out because there is a lot of history, culture and different scenes to immerse yourself in during your studies.
Entertainment & Nightlife
Berlin has a diverse nightlife with a range of bars and clubs catering for all tastes. If you are looking for a cheap drink, we recommend the "Schloss Neuschweinsteiger" - a trendy bar with fine wood decor, which is known for its cheap whiskey sours.
The jewel of Berlin nightlife is the club scene. The "Berghain" is world-famous for its techno music and prominent DJs perform here regularly. The clubs are open until late at night. So if you want to celebrate until 8 clock early, is in Berlin just right.
The food selection in Berlin is huge. Here you will find a variety of kitchens and there will definitely be something in your budget. Some of the cheapest (and tastiest) dishes to be found in Berlin are classic street food - street vendors sell tasty snacks on every corner that make some restaurants fade. We recommend the cheeseburger from "Bunsmobile", which you can find in the "Bite Club". This event takes place every two weeks on the banks of the river in Kreuzberg and hosts a number of different providers. The best way is to go early, because it is very crowded.


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