Avoid Supplements Excessive use might be harmful

Most people are concerned about their health and they always try to find ways to make themselves healthy. Nutritionist says if you follow the healthy diet you don’t need to take any supplements. Supplements are only taken when consumption is much needed. In case doctor has advised you any supplement, then you can take it. You can buy all of the nutritious supplements online also at a reasonable price. You can also find stores offering coupons like Voucheristic, offering bodykind voucher codes for saving some money on supplements and vitamins.

The best and important thing for the good health is to take nutrition from the vegetables or fruits. When you intake a balanced diet in the form of vegetables and fruits then you actually don’t need to take vitamins, pills, and supplements. Professionals also avoid prescribing vitamins as it is not good for the health to intake too many vitamins. Professionals said don’t use too much vitamins drugs as you will be addicted or may harm you as well. Vitamins and minerals are essential to intake in order to get a healthy life but should avoid to take them from supplements.

For healthy life a lot of external vitamins are used like vitamins A, vitamins D, vitamins E and vitamins K but too much use of vitamins K can be injurious to health. Because it affects the body. Human Body requires fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, water-soluble vitamins, and trace elements. So it is better to use vitamins in the form of digestible. Fat-soluble may contain vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. You can have fat-soluble vitamins from animal fats, vegetable oils, oily fish and dairy foods. For the mineral, you can move towards meat, fish, dairy products, cereals, and nuts.  Water-soluble contain vitamin C, vitamin B, and folic vitamin that can be obtained from grains, vegetables and fruits, and from dairy products. Minerals can build bones, teeth, and energy. Trace elements are also necessary for health but not in large quantity. Trace elements include fluorine and iodine that can be found in meat, fish, dairy products, cereals, nuts, and vegetables.

There are some people who prefer supplements instead of eating vegetables and fruits. In supplements, use of gummies is more as it is chewable and sweet that is specially formulated for small kids. Gummy vitamins may cause harm to your health as it contains sugar. If someone is addicted to multivitamins, this absolutely dangerous for their health. As people don’t feel hesitate to intake ironic supplements without knowing its risk. Intake of ironic supplements may be risky for your life and take you to the death stage. Excessive use of Vitamin E supplements may be risky for your heart and excessive use of Vitamin A may be risky for your bones. The popping of supplements may give you fast repair of vitamin’s deficiency but it makes you addicted to supplements and may reduce your eating habit. Some researchers of the Mayo Clinic said, “Excessive use of E vitamins may cause premature death”. They also advise not to take B-6 more than 200 mg per day as it may potentially risk for your seizures and nerve pain.

So we can say that there are some pros and cons of using supplements. For healthier life try to use balance diet, avoid excessive use of supplements. But for a healthy diet, some professionals say, add multiple vegetable consumption in your diet to get the required calories in a day. Try to add more quantity of whole wheat grains. Make a diet schedule for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For the breakfast, you need to consume 400 calories which can be obtained from dairy products or backed items. Lunch requires 400 calories that can be obtained from the fat-soluble vitamins and dinner requires 150 calories that you can easily get. You can also get a diet plan from a certified nutritionist.

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