In this modern era where we know the female models are being selected on behalf of how attractive face and skin they’ve and how they look when they walk on the ramp. Same as the logo of any business is the core identity of any business. Mostly the logos are designed according to the nature the business is having. Don’t you get it? Let me explain you further, if you see the logos of Red Bull, Sting they look as energetic as the nature of product has also same that they exaggerated once in advertisements.

Every work in this world requires expertise and practice. So that one who is designing a business logo must be as much experienced and have a lot of knowledge to have a successful launch of a business logo; most of the customers create their positive as well as negative perception when they look at the company’s logo.

For the reasons highlighted above I’ve drawn 06 essential rules to keep an eye on designing a most effective logo for you client and business.

1. A Good Graphic Designer Always Do Preliminary Work:

Preliminary work needs to be done before starting or building up the logo. The basic step which a good graphic designer takes is to do as much preliminary work by holding a pencil and a sketch book.

A graphic designer might’ve various creative ideas in his/her mind and he/she execute those ideas in form of making the sketches. A good graphic designer before going on to any other step would spend more of his time in preliminary work.

You can start up with the 25-30 sketches that can also help you to explore more ideas from every new sketch you’ll learn how to improve the previous one in order to get an effective preliminary work you have to practice, practice and practice.

2. Create Balance:

It’s a human psychology that we want to see everything balanced either it’s your work life, social life and many other thing that should be balanced.

Same as when you are designing a logo you’ve to balance your logo in terms of mass of your graphics, colors and most importantly size should be equal on the both sides.

Just because you shouldn’t violate the rule of balance you have to keep yourself at a safe pace. By having a safest approach you can have an effective logo with the balance weights and masses.

3. Size Matters:

This may sounds unpleasant but despite of the stereotyping when people say not as taller person looks great and not as smaller but I say they look good according to their work they’re having such as a basketball player or athletic. So that the logo size also does matter. A logo has to look great in all of sizes you give.

The logo also has to look good when used for larger formats, such as posters, billboards, and electronic formats such as TV and the Web. Whenever it appears on posters it should looks clear same as whenever we use it for the small promotional items, envelopes and letterheads it should looks effective.

Whenever we move from large to small scale it become hard to get right on the small frame, so you can test the logo on the letter head or envelope and see that it’s clear or not.

You can also test your on various posters to test it on the larger scale.

4. Clever Use of Colors:

A good designer should understand the theory of colors as the theory of color is much complex one can think. One should know the meanings a color express because according to a research the colors also do have meanings such as if I talk about a red color it expresses love and anger.

The combination of the color in the logo must be as much effective so one can have a clear look on it and say wow what an amazing piece of art it is that has also balance by every possible aspects as well. The bright colors shouldn’t be used as it’s really to attract ones attention with the bright colors.

A logo with two or three colors can also looks good like Starbucks, MacDonald’s or the Pepsi. A logo having black and white color can also look good.

5. Dare to be Different:

When you are standing in a highly competitive environment you should have some competitive advantage that the other can’t have.

Instead of copy pasting the logo such as taking the font style of ford and background color of any other logo you should take a dare to create your own logo . Many of the designers must stalk to get a better option to copy. But none of the designers can take a dare to make or design their own.

Many of the huge businesses in the current time have their own mind and own vision they didn’t copy visions of others that’s why they dare to do their own they are the most daring companies in the world.

6. K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Stupid):

If I say you to recognize the logos of top 10 brands of the world you can easily recognize them. Have you ever think about it that why this is so? Because they’ve made their logos much simpler that the one can easily recognize it.

For example Apple has the simplest logo in the world that one can easily recognize.

When you are doing preliminary work you can use the K.I.S.S rule to make you work as much simpler you can.

If I talk about EDHI it’s a brand name that can be easily recognized by the one anywhere in the country or somehow in the world. Just they’ve written the simple name on their ambulances and premises.

After having look on these 6 rules do you have ever considered these while designing you logos? No? So from now you’ve a chance to design as much effective logos as you can by implementing on all of these 6 rules. Please also do share your feedback with us…

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