Women’s Health: Why Bidets Are Better than Toilet Papers

When it comes to washing and keeping the genitals free of disease-causing bacteria, it is usually the women who need special care. However, Americans wipe-it-away habit makes it problematic and impossible, which makes women at risk of developing severe medical conditions.

Why Women Need to Replace Toilet Papers with Bidets

It was around the year of 1857 when the first commercial tissue paper became accessible to the public. Decades after, Scott Paper was the leading company and producer of first rolled, splinter-free toilet papers. On the other hand, the fame of bathroom tissue among Americans was from the misguided British concept; and that French sex labourers commonly use bidets. Also, from that point forward, the popularity of using a tissue instead of water has remained in American culture.

The use of tissue as a way to clean one's private part is a problematic method most people still practice. Furthermore, through various studies conducted, wiping your genitals isn't sufficient to thoroughly wash and clean ill-causing microorganisms away. And if not properly cleaned, the germs and bacteria left can be the cause of developing urinary and other medical issues, especially for the always-busy women today. Apart from it, the production of toilet papers does not help in conserving essential natural resources, but the opposite. Hence, between toilet paper and bidet seat, bidets are much better in all aspects.

How Bidets Can Help Women

There are many different methods how using bidets can help women in keeping them safe from minor to major health issues. And as the urologist David F. Kaufman, MD, although it is somewhat not crucial for men, bidets are possibly meant for women since its primary purpose can aid women’s health. To further know how it prevents women and others from catching infections and diseases, here are a few reasons why.

Bidets for the Comfort of Women

According to Allen Kamrava, MD’s patients, the advanced technology of modern bidets is gentler to use mainly for folks who suffer medical problems in their anal part like hemorrhoids than utilising a bathroom paper. They say that the water aids in normalising and maintaining the intimate area feel clean, fresh, and comfortable. Water-base cleansing of genitals is also excellent for pregnant women since they are most prone to UTI.  

Prevents Women from Developing UTI

Between men and women, ladies have more chance of catching bacteria that can cause UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. And this type of bacteria is typically found in the genital area. And bathroom tissue can only clean the outer part but not the insides. However, through intensive water-based washing using a bidet, the bacteria causing infection can be thoroughly flushed away. Hence, it will prevent women from catching UTI.

Helps Women Suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Bidets are also helpful for folks who need to use the toilet all the time. It is true specifically for people who have digestive problems such Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is painful and needs to be in the bathroom all the time. Bidets, particularly the electronic bidets, have features that can provide comforting and soothing feeling which could ease the pain caused by IBS.

With the advanced technology of modern-day bidets, women who are prone to bacteria causing sickness, and women who already are suffering from different medical issues can now keep their genitals clean, healthy, and free of germs.

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