Top 5 Ways to Clean with Microfiber Cloth

When it comes to cleaning, microfiber cloth is a true friend you must get along with.  Honestly, the microfiber cloth has transformed the way people clean nowadays. In fact, there are hundreds of uses for microfiber cleaning cloths around the home, office, vehicles and anything else you have going on in your life. We have come up with around 5 ways to clean using microfiber clothes. So let’s dive in

Kitchen Sink Cleaning
Do you like seeing a kitchen sink with a mirror clean Polish? In that case, just spray it with some all-purpose cleaner and sprinkle in some baking soda. Then just wet the general purpose microfiber cloth which not only helps scrub everything clean but also helps making your sink shiny. Once you are done scrubbing, give the sink a perfect rinse and then use a cloth to buff the sink to that perfect shine. For that, you can try using the ultra-plush cloth.

Cleaning Bathtubs
Bathtubs can be a challenge to clean. Just check out your bathtub and you’ll surely find some water spots and other sticky stuff left behind from any scrub that you're using. So after scrubbing the tub with sponge, you can give it a perfect rinse and now it’s time to give it a mirror-like finish. In that case, just use buffing cloth so that it’s easier to get rid of any moisture and have the cleanest tub.

Cleaning Tablet and Television
As per the needs, you often happen to clean the television or tablets. For sure, you need to be very careful while cleaning these electronic gadgets so that they might not get any scratches. In that case, just spray a glass & electronics cloth with some electronics cleaner and then wipe it down using the S. pattern. Try using this a specific type of microfiber cloth that’s especially used to clean the electronic gadgets as it’s good at removing fingerprints and bacteria, so you get that nice glossy shine.

Stainless Steel Cleaning
Sometimes homeowners and even the professionals from the best cleaning companies Dubai are confused about how to get the stainless steel looking fingerprint free. In that case, just mix of equal parts vinegar & Water and then use the general-purpose microfiber cloth. It will not only remove fingerprints and streaks and whatever else you have on there, but it'll also buff to a nice consistent shiny finish.

Cleaning the Home Office
Frankly, your home office is going to benefit from the microfiber cloth. It’s much easier for you to clean a desk that's usually stuffed with food bits, fingerprints and spilled juice using all-purpose cleaner and a general purpose microfiber cloth. Moreover, it can also be used to dust any office components that you have. For your monitors or any glass finishes, you can use a glass & electronics cloth with glass and electronics cleaner as mentioned above.

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