How to run instagram ads in 2018 ( complete guide)

Everyone knows about Instagram and why not it is one of the popular social media platforms which gives you an incredible opportunity for your business on it which has all sizes of audiences with more than 700 Million active users on it and approx 400 Million people use Instagram every day in all over the world.

Don't use Instagram just to see the activities of celebrities or any other famous peoples on Instagram [ like Kim Kardashian ] make some use of it.

What Is Instagram Ads?

Instagram ads is an advertising platform which gives you an option to advertise on Instagram and promote your service or product to reach the good and large amount of targeted audience. In Instagram ads, you have to pay for your ads when it shows in front of your targeted audience.

Instagram is an amazing platform to showcase your product or service which you want to sell or promote. Instagram ads help you to drive traffic to your website or wherever you want to send traffic. Instagram ads are utilized in order to grow many big brands, website traffic, generate new leads which help you to convert them into viewers to customers.

What Are The Different Types Of Instagram Ads??

There are mainly 4 Types Of Instagram Ads :

1. Photo Ads
2. Video Ads
3. Carousel Ads
4. Stories Ads

Let me explain all these types of ads one by one in front of you:

  • Photo Ads: In Photo types of ads you can tell your story to your targeted audience through a clean, simple and beautiful creative canvas. Your photos can be in square or landscape format.
How Your Photo Ad Look Like :

  • Video Ads: In video types of ads you will get the same visually immerse quality as same as like in the photo ads, with the help of the added power of sight, sound and motion. You can also share videos that are up to 60 seconds long and those videos must be in the landscape or square format.
How Your Video Ad Look Like :

  • Carousel Ads: In carousel types of ads you can add another layer in your campaigns by doing this person can swipe up to view additional photos and videos which you have included in a single ad.
How Your Carousel Ad Look Like

  • Stories Ads: In stories types of ads you have to complement your feed content with ads o Instagram stories. You can easily connect 300 Million accounts using stories daily with the help of stories ads.
How Your Stories Ad Look Like :

What Are The Different Types Of Campaigns Objectives?

In simple words, A campaign objective is simply what you want from your audience when they see your ads.

Instagram offers you 7 different types of campaigns and from all of them, you have to select for which you want to run your ads. The objective which you choose will influence how your ads are optimized and how you will pay for them.

You can only choose from these objectives while working on Instagram ads:

1. Brand Awareness: In brand awareness types of campaigns Instagram will reach your ads to those peoples which are more likely to pay attention to your ads and which help you to increase awareness of your brand and this will greatly expose some new and relevant folks to your brands.
2. Reach: In Reach types of campaigns Instagram will help you to show your ads in front of the maximum number of the audience so that your ad will get more reach. One of the best and the amazing thing about these types of campaigns is that you can easily take an advantage of the Facebook split testing feature which allows you to do the split testing of your ads i.e you will split the test of your two ads and then analyze that which one is performing better.
3. Traffic: In Traffic types of campaigns Instagram allows you to send your audience directly to your website or an app by clicking on your ad and this will perform the best for you. The additional step in this campaign is that you have to choose from two options enter the URL of your choice and then wait for your traffic.
4. Engagement: In engagement types of campaigns Instagram allows you to get more peoples to see your ad and engage with your post or page for which you are running your ad. Engagement ads will include Likes, Shares, Events, Comments, Offers Claims and Event Responses. But you have to pay for the Post Engagement on Instagram.

Facebook also allows you to pay for the Page Engagement and Event Responses but this feature is currently not available for Instagram ads.
5. App Installs: In-App Installs types of campaigns Instagram allows you to send your audience directly to your store where they can download or purchase the app and start using it.
6. Video Views: In video views types of campaigns Instagram allows you to promote your video that shows behind the scenes footage, product launches or customer stories to raise the awareness about your brand or promote your product or service.  This campaign is very straightforward and doesn’t require any additional set-up steps. Also, videos are the investment of both Time and Money.

Tip: If your objective is to sell eCommerce products (conversions) or to run a re-marketing campaign for users who visit your website in past then in this case you have to create and install a Facebook pixel first.
7. Conversions: In conversions types of campaigns Instagram will run your ads to get peoples to take a valuable action on your website or an app like adding payment information or make a purchase.
You can install a Facebook pixel to track your conversions or peoples who are visiting your site or doing any activity on your site so that you can again re-target them later in another campaign.
-->NOTE: Split testing is also available for Traffic, App Installs, Video Views, Lead Generation, and Conversion types of campaigns.

Targeted Audience

Now you have to select your targeted audience for your ads which you can place in front of the right users. This is the good thing in Instagram ads since you will be using Facebook for depth of demographics for reaching to the users.
In the custom audience, you can also Exclude and Include peoples.

Age, Gender, And Language

Age:  Select the minimum and maximum age of the people for which you will find your ad relevant is relevant for those.
Gender: Select the gender. You can Choose “All” unless you only want your ads to be shown to either men or women.
Language: If you want to target a specific language then you can put in the language box below otherwise Leave this blank.

Ad Placements

Select the ad placements for your ad. The ad placements determine that where your ads will be served to your audience which you have selected above.


Select the device type from mobile and desktop i.e to select where you want to place your ad in front of your audience from the mobile user or desktop user.


You can choose different platforms for your ads but we are talking about Instagram ads then you have to select Instagram ads column.


Select the budget for your ad this you can choose from your choice. This is the amount which you want to spend on your ad.

Schedule and Bid

Schedule: In Scheduling You have to decide whether you want to run your ads for continuously or run according to your selected time.
Your ad set will either run continuously starting today or within a date which you select.

Bidding: Select the bidding for your ad set i.e how much you want to pay in terms of CPC.

Create Your Ad

Now it is time to create your Instagram ad!
Choose your page: You have to choose a page for your ad.

Ad Format

Select Your Ad Format.
In order to run your ads, You have to choose your page for which you want to run your ads.
Carousel: In carousel ad format you can Create an ad with 2 or more scrollable images or videos.

Choose Ad Format

You can choose your ad formats for your ads in 6 forms:
1. Image Feed Ads
Image feed ads are one of the most standard ad formats and likely the one you see the most often scrolling through your own feed.
2. Image Story Ads
The format of image story types of ads is as same as of carousel ads but these are for Instagram stories.
3. Video Feed Ads
In video feed ads toy can turn your simple ad in a video ad with video feed ads. If you have put the time in to make a quality video, then you will absolutely be promoting it through your Instagram feed.
4. Video Story Ads
Video story ads are also another great type of format to run your ads i.e Video Story Ads because video stories ads can easily acquire viewers attention, people will expect to see videos.
5. Carousel Feed Ads
Carousel feed ads are so fun types of ads. This ads format allows you to show a series of scrollable images rather than just single one image.
6. Canvas Story Ads
Last but not the least, we have the new option in the ad format family which is Canvas story ads. Canvas type of ads is truly immersive which allows advertisers to create a 360 VR experience within their story.

Fill The Headline And Text 

Headline: Write the Eye-catchy Headline in your ad to make sure that your ad looks more attractive. Add a brief headline to let people know what your ad is about. You will get 40 characters to write your headlines.
Text: Make good text for your ads so that your audience can easily understand which thing you’re promoting.

Call-to-action Button

Set your call-to-action Button In the end so that through that button user would reach to you or your website because Your call-to-action button creates a huge effect on your campaign’s click-through as well as your campaign’s conversion rate.

Place Your Order

Once all set well in your campaigns then Click on the button ” Confirm ” and place your order.

Last Words

I Hope after reading this guide you can easily run your Instagram ads because these ads are really easy and you do very well but you just read this guide carefully to run Instagram ads.

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