How to deal with stress and anxiety

The stress management as a parent is an important issue. Between meals, homework, shopping, housework, hobbies and work, there is not much time left to stop. Of course, being parents today, while still looking for the best work-family balance solution, is not an easy task. Stress often takes over and we quickly feel that we lose our means. 

How to avoid being overwhelmed by stress that, if not well managed, can become harmful for oneself and for those we love? Between the demands of everyday life, the concerns of family life and the hazards of professional life, how can you find your oasis of peace? Here are a few tips.

1. Chase stress through sleep

Sufficient duration of sleep is, unequivocally, the main ingredient to relieve stress. This duration varies from one person to another. Everyone knows how many hours of sleep they need to feel refreshed. However, when the stress is at the rendezvous, parents struggling with this condition sometimes suffer from insomnia. In return, lack of sleep causes fatigue, which is a source of stress.
Indeed, it is unthinkable, if not impossible, to cope adequately with everyday stresses when our body does not have enough energy reserves to deal with them.

Important learning: stress management

To put an end to this vicious circle, it is essential to learn how to manage your stress. Indeed, a study published in 2003 by researchers at Laval University in Quebec City showed that people suffering from so-called "primary" insomnia (without a specific cause) simply have more trouble managing their stress. According to this study, even though insomniacs and good sleepers face an equal number of stressful events, those who give more importance to them and who perceive their lives as being more stressful, have more trouble sleeping.

What about aniti anxiety medicines

No doubt that such medicines are very helpful to reduce depression but you must accept that it is a natural and permanent way. Xanax is very popular in united states as a stress relief medicine and yes it helps a lot but how long does xanax last in your body to keep you fine? Just few hours. Experts says that we should find a source of happiness instead of a dose.

2. Say goodbye to stress with relaxation exercises

To manage stress well, some parents will enjoy a sport, others will use their creativity or a soothing activity. But everyday, when time is lacking, it is often difficult to find a few hours to devote to a yoga class, for example!


So, one of the simplest solutions is to do to chase the stress away some relaxation exercises based on breathing. Three slow, deep breaths will be enough to unpack and help you cope with the stressful event.


It is the perfect way to learn how to reduce your stress level, and so be better prepared to see life from a different angle. For meditation practitioners, practice as often as you can. Finding a calm, a peace, an inner refuge is certainly, today, the most beautiful gift that can be made. So try, once a day, to close your eyes and calm your mind by thinking of nothing for a few minutes. To do this, we must let every thought, positive or negative, without clinging to it. This exercise may seem simple, but it is more difficult to perform than it seems to be.    

3. Put time in your hands

Yes, as parents, an hour or two a week for yourself are sometimes difficult to find, but these hours are of paramount importance for your balance. Remember that if you are good with yourself, you will be in harmony with others. Children are instinctive: they feel your stress.

So privilege quality relationships rather than bet on quantity. It is actually better for your family to enjoy you while you are willing and attentive to their needs (for example, after going for a few laps at the pool), rather than suffer your bad mood on your return from work. . So when family problems arise, talking about them in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, focusing on solutions rather than blame, can only foster a serene family atmosphere.

4. Become pro of the organization

Parental stress is almost inevitably associated with time: there is no time to sleep, to eat, to communicate ... and to organize. However, this last point is essential in order to avoid being in an emergency situation. In addition, there are stressful situations that are inevitable: a sick child, a sprained ankle or a car that does not want to start. Good planning and a structured organization of our occupations will keep stress away.

For example: plan your meals. Take advantage of the weekends to buy all the ingredients necessary to prepare meals of the week and cook while you have the time. This example illustrates the principle of "never putting off until tomorrow what we can do today"! 

Thus, good time management will allow you to spend more time with your children, with yourself, with your spouse and with your friends. Focus on the essentials: Say no to things that bother or disturb the family. The good time you spend between you is the best investment you can make to counter your stress.

5. Accept that everything will not be perfect

As 21st century parents, we sometimes have high expectations about how things should go. We aspire, despite ourselves, to perfection. We want a perfect family, happy children, a clean house, balanced meals, a stimulating job, a life without flaws ... However, it is important to remember that there are no children or perfect parents ... otherwise hello stress!

In fact, the pursuit of this perfection may prevent you from appreciating what you have and inevitably from stress. As you worry about the future, you forget to live in the moment. We must accept that everything is not perfect. Recognize those you love as they are and do not undermine your existence because your floors are not sparkling clean. Try not to put pressure on yourself, for uncontrollable things such as apprehending the future, or for trifles such as housework. 

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