How Long Does Nicotine Stay In Your System?

Smoking or second-hand smoking both have side effects to the body as well. It will leave by nicotine which is an addictive component causing poisoning, cancer, related to congenital disabilities during pregnancy also. Then, how long does nicotine stay in your system and lead to diseases? Let’s follow this article to know more about that.

Where Can We Find Nicotine In The Body?

As a people who chew, smoke or inhale tobacco, nicotine can be found in the body because of absorption into the bloodstream. Much Nicotine will be broke down to cotinine by hepatic enzymes. Then these substances will go out the body when urinating.

How long does nicotine stay in your system? Nicotine after breaking down can exist in your body for a long time, it is not weeks but months and can last for three months in your urine, your bloodstream, your saliva or even hair.

Are There Any Test To Show Exactly How Much Nicotine You Ingested?

There are some tests to check for cotinine- a nicotine’s product. Cotinine is a stable type and will be kept in the system longer than nicotine. Usually, blood or urine tests are more common.

If you choose to do a blood test, the medical staff will take some milliliter blood from your vein by a sterile needle. If it is a urine test, you can collect urinary sample whenever you can to do a random urine test.

However, there is a brilliant way to justify whether addicted people smoke or use any tobacco products or loyal to use nicotine replacement therapies. If you are suspected of using tobacco again, you should do some more tests not only cotinine but also nicotine and anabasine.

Anabasine is only found on tobacco products, so if you are not quitting using them, anabasine still shows up on your test.

What Is The Different From Amount of Nicotine In The Blood Different Between People?

Depending on the type of cigarettes or tobacco which you smoke, however, it will contain around 12mg of nicotine for each one. You know what? Your body will not ingest all that much, just only one over 12 mg being go to the bloodstream.

Not only smokers who can include nicotine in the blood but also the secondhand smoke can have that too. We calculate the level of nicotine in your blood by nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml).

With who usually smokes have more than ten ng/mL or even more approximately 500 ng/mL, while the secondhand smokers just have fewer than one ng/ml. That is a big difference.

How long does nicotine stay in your body? In your blood? Nicotine will stay in for 1 to 3 days while cotinine can be in your blood up to 10 days. A blood test can show much about cotinine. This test will tell whether nicotine appears and how much are they in blood?

However, the blood test will tell you something wrong sometime. The presence of thiocyanate- a compound can influence your analysis because you can find it in some products such as broccoli, cabbage or some medicine.

How Long Does Nicotine Present in Your Urine?

It bases on how frequency you smoke or inhale cigarettes. Cotinine will stay in your urine for about four days if you are not contacting nicotine daily. However, for those who smoke or inhale nicotine usually, cotinine can be found in your urine for many weeks after exposure.

We have a urine test to check how many of cotinine is detected in your urine. So, the result will depend on your last time you absorb nicotine. We can find cotinine in your urine even though you stopped using tobacco some days ago. Nevertheless, for those who moke or exposure to menthol cigarettes, cotinine will be last for longer.
The result will be very high around 1000 ng/mL if you are just exposure to nicotine. If the last time using was more than two weeks ago, the test would show about 30 ng/mL or more. You should have a conversation with your expert about this test.

How Long Does Nicotine Or Cotinine Present in Your Saliva Or Your Hair?

We can find cotinine or nicotine in your saliva up to 4 days while seeing nicotine up to 3 months in hair from the last consuming. However, for a particular hair test, nicotine can be found for last a year. A hair test is more expensive than the other analyses then it is less not prevalent.

We all go through to find how long does nicotine stay up in your system like your bloodstream, your urine, your saliva or even your hair as well. Besides, having many fields related to this topic, you need to know. Keep reading this article to figure out more.

Are There Anything Else Affecting Your Test Result?

As we mentioned in the upper part of this article, the frequency you smoke or exposure to tobacco which can influence to how long does nicotine stay in your system. However, you maybe don’t know that there is something related to lifestyle or heredity can give a hand on that such as:

  • Age: it will go away slower and more prolonged when your age is higher
  • Genes: many researchers believe that if you are Asian-Americans, and African-Americans then nicotine will stay in your body longer than Caucasian and Hispanic guys.
  • Hormones: people think that sex hormones can influence in a way. Men will ingest nicotine slower than women especially compared to those women who are pregnant or giving estrogen.
  • Liver enzymes: in many cases, how long nicotine is metabolized depend on how useful your live function is.
  • Medicine: some reliable medications can impact the speed of removing nicotine from your body. Phenobarbital or antibiotic such as Rifampin can promote the ingested process. Other medications such as medications to treat hypertension such as amlodipine or antifungal medication such as ketoconazole can reduce this process.

What Should We Do To Take Away From Nicotine?

Giving up cigarettes or all tobacco products is the best solution for that. Besides, you can apply others ways to stay away from nicotine quicker including:

  • Drinking water: nicotine will be eliminated quickly through urine, so drink more can encourage nicotine goes out.
  • Exercise: doing exercise can help you stay strong to have more energy for metabolism then nicotine can be metabolized more than usual.
  • Consuming antioxidant food: food contains antioxidants such as orange or carrots can be helpful for remove toxic substances.

What Are Side Effects of Nicotine on Your Body?

Nicotine is an addictive substance that harm to the body causing some symptoms of withdrawing syndrome contain:

  • Craving for using tobacco again
  • Hunger
  • Tiredness
  • Neglect
  • A headache
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Irritability
  • Sleeping disorder

That is plenty of harmful effects of using tobacco to the body. Keeping nicotine when doesn’t care about how long does nicotine stay in your system will discomfort you much. This side effects will spread in not only your daily life but also your relatives or beloved one who take care of you. Therefore, trying to stay away from nicotine as soon as possible if you want to have good life quality. Hope this article helps you a bit.

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