Big Data and its Future

The technology keeps getting better and new things keep on getting added to the long list of technological inventions. Big Data is one of the newly tossed terms in the field of the technology. The term was heard for the first time in early the 2000s.

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If you are new to hear of this term, then here is all you would be interested to know.

What is Big Data?

The term Big Data literally means a huge amount of data. Different organizations used to save the large amounts of data on external storage devices from the middle of the computer era. After the invention of Google and spreading of the internet all around the globe, organizations realize the amount of their data was growing at a faster pace than they expected.

They had to come up with some more advanced algorithms and codes to store, read, process, search, share and update the data. Soon the idea traveled all around the globe and was accepted by everyone. The smart minds came up with some new ways to overcome the challenges the big data came with in initial phase.

The Challenges of the Big Data
Since the big data is a new concept, it has many issues that still need the attention of the smart techies from all over the world. Some issues were detected and overcame in the initial phases but following are the challenges that are still standing in the line.

Storage Capacity: The volume of the big data is already huge to manage and it still is growing at exponential rate. It is expected that the volume of the big data will reach to 40+ trillion zettabytes in coming 2 years. One needs to have unlimited storage capacity to save ever-growing data.

Security: Security is the serious concern everyone has with his or her data these days. Securing a small amount of data from the hackers requires a lot of effort, imagine the amount of effort required to secure big data. However, the cloud storage comes with all possible security checks still more smart ways needs to be invented.

Accuracy: Maintaining the accuracy of big data is one of the biggest challenges. Many big organizations are connected and share data from time to time. The accuracy of the data becomes crucial at this point and the task becomes difficult as the data is growing exponentially each day.

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