Welcome to Challenge Cracknell, James’s Unofficial Fan Site

James Cracknell has become an inspirational figure in British life, from his Olympic rowing achievements and epic physical achievements to his efforts in raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity.

Over the years James has taken on several mammoth physical challenges:

  • He secured an astonishing 12th place finish in the gruelling Marathon de Sables, the 251km ultra marathon in the sweltering Saharan heat. His 12th place made James the highest placed Briton in the 25-year history of what has been described as the toughest footrace in the world.
  • James is not just good on sand. Prior to the Marathon de Sables, he was part of a team in The Amundsen Omega3 South Pole Race. Suffering frost-bite, infected blisters, dramatic weight-loss, pneumonia and exhaustion, the team traversed the 473.6 miles in December 2008 and were only beaten by a pair of Norwegian polar experts.

With 2 Olympic Gold Medals and 6 World Championship rowing titles, you would also expect James to be a dab hand on the water and he proved this with his epic win in the trans-Atlantic rowing race with Ben Fogle. The pair took their tiny 7-metre boat across in 49 torturous days and arrived in Antigua to win the race. This challenge saw James raise a lot of money for the BBC’s Children in Need appeal and brought about yet another epic feat…

Following James and Ben’s cross-channel row, the BBC stepped in again. This time James would row The English Channel, cycle through France and Spain, and finally swim The Strait of Gibraltar with comedian David Walliams, raising a remarkable sum for Sport Relief. Read about Cracknell’s Cross Continent Challenge here >>

More recently James has become inspirational for his remarkable recovery from a near-fatal accident in the USA, when he was hit by a truck while cycling across the country. His amazing recovery has been well documented and his strength and honesty an inspiration to many others dealing with the after effects of brain trauma.

Most recently James has announced his intention to become a Conservative MEP. With his drive and dedication, we are confident he will achieve great things in politics, just as he has in sport.